How To Uninstall MTU Programs


How To Uninstall MTU Programs


Make sure your computer is online and you do not have any firewall blocking the uninstall procedures.

1) Left click the Start menu
2) Left click Control Panel
3) Now find Add/Remove Programs, double left click to open it.
4) Find each of the MTU programs (Microstudio, Keyrite, Vogone, Karaoke Home Producer, Hoster, Hoster Lite, Songverter, Vogone Easy)
5) Then select Remove or Uninstall whichever it shows, and it will go through and uninstall from your computer. You can skip having to reboot at the end of each install. Do all of them, and then reboot the computer.

Where do I get my Registration Code?


Where do I get my Registration Code?


Your Registration Code is located in your Store account.  To get to your Registration code Login to your Store account

  1. Log into your MTU Store Account (click here to learn how to go to your account).
  2. Click View My Order History in the right column.
  3. When you orders appear, find the one where you purchased the software you want the Registration Code for.
  4. You can click the VIEW button by each order and see what it contained, and to see your Download link, Registration Email, and Registration Code.

Where do I find my Registration Codes?


Where do I find my Registration Codes?



Your RegCodes are always located in your Store account.  To get to them, do the following:

1) Go to

2) Login to your account using your Email address and your password.  If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here

3) Once Logged into your Account, click on the Order to find the RegCodes for each order or scroll down to My Products, and it will show you all of the Registration codes and Download Links.

Find Links for MTU Software and Downloads


Where do I find download links for MTU software or free upgrades.


  1. Log into your MTU Store Account (click here to learn how to go to your account).
  2. Click View My Order History in the right column.
  3. When you orders appear, find the one where you purchased the software you want to download.
  4. You can click the VIEW button by each order and see what it contained, and to see your Download link, Registration Email, and Registration Code.
  5. While viewing an order, scroll to the page bottom to find your Download Links.
  6. To download the latest version you are entitled to for a product you purchased, click the Download button under that product.

Download links are valid for 30 days then disappear. After that, run the program with the computer on-line. Click the Help menu, and the Check for Updates command. In the web page that appears, find and click the DOWNLOAD button. This will deliver the latest release version of that program. If you have not purchased a Registration Code for that main release version (a 3.0 RegCode will not install a 4.0 version), you can do so from that page.

Currently the Product Update web pages are:

Microstudio –

Vogone –

KHPro –

Keyrite –

Songverter –

NOTE: Video Hoster and Hoster Lite pages do not have the current download on the update page. When we release a new version, we email all users entitled to get it a link to download the file. Download it as soon as you receive the email as it will only be valid for a limited time and disappear. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you need the Hoster or Hoster Lite download link 

Video Hoster –

Video Hoster Lite –

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is your responsibility to save your downloaded installation file to a CDROM for safe keeping.

Error: The Registration Code you entered is for a different product.


Error: The Registration Code you entered is for a different product.


When you get this error message, you are typing in the wrong code or wrong version of code for the product you are trying to install.  You will get this if you try to use a Hoster3300 Registration code for Hoster 4.0.  You MUST purchase the upgrade to version 4.0 not to get this error.  There is no other way for you to install version 4.0x with an old Registration code.

Error: The Registration Code you entered is for a different product. Please go to your MTU Store Account, find your order for the software being installed, click the VIEW button, and scroll to the bottom to find your Registration Code. Enter it as it appears.

 Click OK to close this message, then click the Back button and enter the correct Registration Code for this product.


NOTE: Here is where you can find all of your Registration codes

Error: 0x80040702 – Failed to load DLL: _ismtu

If you see the below error message:

Error Number: 0x80040702
Description: Failed to load DLL: _ismtu
Setup will now terminate.

Do this to fix it, Left click  the Start Menu, and Shut down the computer.  This will install the Windows Updates that have been downloaded, but waiting to be installed.  Once this finishes and the computer has rebooted. Now you can install the MTU software without issue.

How to change a USB drive letter in Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8

These are the steps on how to change a drive letter for an external drive (hard drive or CD-R).  Sometimes when using USB drives, they can randomly change the letter when you plug the drive in. This can allow you to change the letter of the drive back to what your Video Hoster Database was originally built from, without having to rebuild your database.


  1. Left Click (Right click in Win 8) Start Menu\Settings\Control Panel\
  2. Double click on Administrative Tools
  3. Double click on Computer Management
  4. Under Computer Management, left click on Disk Management.
  5. Right click on the Drive that you want to change the drive letter for and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths…“.
  6. This will then open a dialog box, that will allow you to select the Drive. Once the drive that you want to change is selected, click the Change Button.
  7. You will now see another box pop up, that shows a Pull down menu on the right hand side. Select the drive letter that you want to change this drive to. Once you have done this, then click OK.
  8. You will see a dialog box pop up asking you to confirm with the following message: “Changing the drive letter of a volume might cause programs to no longer run. Are you sure you want to change this drive letter?” Yes or No? Click YES.
  9. Now close out of all other programs and your drive will now have the correct drive letter.

Disabling AudioDg.exe to help with Crash Problems

We have found an audio setting that can cause crashing in some of our programs.  These changes will help to make sure your system does not crash.  This can occur in Video Hoster, Microstudio, Karaoke Home Producer, Vogone and Keyrite.

To make sure this does not occur, turn this setting off you have it, as not all computers have this setting.

This problem is caused by the Audio Device Graph Isolation service using the Audiodg.exe program.

How to fix:

1) Right-Click on the Speaker Icon in the tray at the Bottom Right of the desktop (beside the clock).

2) Left Click “Playback Devices”

3) Click the device with the green check beside it, example “Speaker” as this is the Default Playback Device.

4) Left Click the “Properties” button

5) Left Click the  “Enhancements tab”

6) Left click to Check the “Disable All Enhancements” checkbox. Also make sure you Un-Check the  “Immediate Mode” box if you see this.  Once you have done this, left click Ok. Then close all other Dialogs that may be open, by the Red X, or by closing everything with the Ok button.

NOTE: Immediate mode does not Show on ALL computers, so you may not have it. If you do it will be to the right of “Disable All Enhancements

MTU New Registration Method

As of May, 2010 we put our new Registration system into use on all orders and upgrades. This gives existing customers as well as new customers new benefits. Read on to discover what they are.

1. When NOT accompanied with major New or Upgrade features, Bug repairs are now free to those who can install the last major release. When we fix only reported bugs in a release version, we set the install date to the same as the prior major release with those bugs. Thus, if you can install the prior major release, you can install the Bug Fix upgrade(s).

Exception to this rule: Following a major release, there are always some bugs that appear within the next few months. We try to not add new features until the bug reports have stopped or significantly slowed down, then these Bug Fix releases are free. However, there is a point in time where we start adding new features again. Once this happens, any bugs reported and fixed go into a release that is NOT free; i.e. we have spent significant time adding new features. For example, when we made our programs run on Windows 7, this was NOT a bug fix as some might think, but a NEW feature that was very expensive to add.

We choose to continue upgrading our products as Microsoft develops new Windows versions. Further, we make these upgrades available at a fraction of the retail price, unlike competitors who typically give you a 10% discount off the full retail price for ANY upgrade or bug fix.

2. Now when you order an upgrade, our  script converts your RegCode to install the latest release version for that Product. You no longer receive an Upgrade RegCode that required the prior version to be installed with your Original RegCode. Your original RegCode will now install the latest version, and those we release in the next 12 months from your upgrade order.

3. Ordering an upgrade gives you 12-months of new releases (our  policy for over a decade).

4. You can skip release versions. We don’t require you to buy every 12-months. Order the latest release when it and prior skipped ones contain new features you want.

5. Hoster’s Import database is included in your Hoster 12-month upgrade. If you watch our Download Site, you will see around the first of each month that the number of new DiscID-Track records increases between 5,000 and 12,000. Simply download the latest Hoster version and install it to immediately have the latest database.

We added FREE Live Chat to our web site that you can instantly chat with either Sales or Support. They are on-line Mon-Fri, on an as available basis between from 9:30AM and 5:00PM EST. MTU gives you free, quality support after your purchase.

FYI… Every company we buy software from charges us every year, some as high as $2,500 per year. With some we can’t even run the version we paid for last year until we pay the current upgrade price.  I doubt their development costs are much higher than ours, but we only charge from $10 to $70 for 12-months of upgrades and support.

Pirate Websites Could Shut Down

The following article appeared on on September 21, 2010:

New Law Could Shut Down Pirate Websites For Good by Brandon Dimmel on 20100921 @ 10:15AM EST

For Hollywood and the music industry, there’s no greater foe than online pirate sites, places where users flock together to share copyrighted movies and songs. Now, a cadre of American senators are making an effort to essentially block these illicit websites by forcing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) into doing the work for them.

The proposed law is simple: if the United States Justice Department finds a domain to be engaged in the distribution of pirated intellectual property, it would file civil action against the site. The ISP of any offending domain found to be based in the U.S. would then receive an order to shut down access to the site.

Proposed Law to Protect Intellectual Property

“…. Earlier this summer Vice President Joe Biden received plenty of media coverage when he noted: “Piracy is theft, clean and simple. It’s smash and grab.” (Source:”

“For those in the movie and music industries, this was finally some commitment to the idea that owning, listening to, or watching an illegally downloaded digital file is the same as shoving a CD or Blu-ray inside one’s coat while walking through a brick and mortar retailer.”

Bill Extends to ISPs, Payment Processors, More

“The law doesn’t stop with U.S.-based sites, however.

Instead, the proposed bill would give the attorney general power “to serve the court order on other specified third parties, such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), payment processors, and online ad network providers.”

In essence, the government could prevent suspect sites from being accessed by American web visitors or getting paid through credit card transactions and marketing deals with U.S. web firms.”

So, one has to wonder,  just how will this be implemented?  I for one, trust that when I go out, if the KJ is in business, they have the legal right to play the music I am listening to.  What’s a person to do, go ask the KJ for proof they own the music they are playing? This I fear,  is opening Pandora’s box.

The government being able to limit suspected “sites from being accessed by American web visitors or getting paid through credit card transactions and marketing deals with U.S. web firms.” sounds like “big brother” is really wanting to crack down.

Having said all this, MTU has never condoned, nor will we, using pirated files.  This means…if you don’t own the CD, you don’t have the right to play it.  Period.

Read the full article at:

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