MTU Video Hoster 5.41.03 Showing Played when clicking Stop

Changing the following setting will not show a song as Played, until a certain number of seconds have been played through:

  • Select Tools -> Settings… from the menu bar
  • Click the Playlist button
  • Select any value greater than zero (0) for the third item: Set this value to be the number of seconds… ( 30 is recommended, but it’s up to you)
  • Click the Apply Button then the Close button

Video Hoster 5.41.02 is released!

Ready for the Very latest Version of Video Hoster? Read about all the Changes to the software located here.

  1. NEW – Copy Song To… – From the following dialog windows, you can now choose “Copy Song To…”
    from any entry or entries, and the Song file(s) – along with any corresponding .cdg and .lrc file(s) – will be copied to the location that you specify:

    • Playlist
    • Singer’s Current Song List (from Rotation)
    • Search & Singer’s List
    • Edit Singers
    • Edit Songs
    • Background Audio

    Note: If the Song file is already in the selected folder, the Copy will fail.

  2. NEW – Hot Keys: – We added the following functions to the 12 Function keys on your keyboard:
    • F1 = Open / Hide the Search Window
    • F2 = Play / Pause the Background Audio Player
    • F3 = Volume Down (-10)
    • F4 = Volume Up (+10)
    • F5 = Live Sync Timing Backward (-0.25 sec)
    • F6 = Live Sync Timing Forward (+0.25 sec)
    • F7 = Restart the Playing Song
    • F8 = Play / Pause the Playing Song
    • F9 = Stop the Playing Song
    • F10 = Toggle Show Display Full Screen
    • F11 = Go to Next Song in Singer’s List
    • F12 = Go to Next Singer in Rotation

    We also added Ctrl + I to play the first song or video in your list of InstaButtons. This will allow you to set the one InstaButton that you
    want to be able to play quickly in the top row of your InstaButton definitions.
    Then in Hoster, just press and hold the Ctrl key and then press the I key to quickly play this song or video.

    Note: We also added a new button to the Help > View Hot Keys… window. Pressing this button will swap between the
    Keyboard and F-Keys Hot Key lists.

  3. NEW – 3-D Buttons – Hoster will now display most buttons with a 3-D effect. You can choose to display your buttons
    the previous way by un-checking the new check box in Tools > Settings… in the General section.
  4. NEW – Sorting Columns in Search and Edit Songs – If the song list is rather large, it can take a few seconds (or longer)
    to sort each column when you click on the column header. If you attempt to sort one column while another sort is taking place, your results may be unexpected.
    To avoid this, Hoster will block the second sort request, and you will see a message pop up that says: “Please Wait. Still sorting.”
  5. NEW – “No Songs” Indicator – If you manage your Singers in a Singers’ List, you will notice a new
    indicator in the list. A warning icon will be displayed if the Singer has no Songs in the Playlist. Also, if you have chosen to use colored fonts, the Singer’s Name will appear in yellow.
  6. NEW – <Please Pick a Song> – When you manage your Singers in either a Singers’ List or a
    Rotation, if one or more of your Singers does not have a Song in the Playlist, you will now see <Please Pick a Song> next to
    their names.Note: This only shows if you have the Show Song Title check box checked in the Tools > Show Display…
  7. NEW – “Sync Adj” Column – We added this column to both the Edit Singers
    and the Singer List windows.
  8. NEW – “Path” Column – We added this column to the Edit Songs
    and the window to display the full file path of each Song in the list.
  9. CHANGED – Defaults in Tools > Options… > Playlist:
    • Keep Songs After Play will now default to unchecked.
    • Manage the Singers in a Singers List will now default to checked, along with all three check boxes below this selection.


  10. CHANGED – Removed “Always on top” – Having the Show Display and un-docked Preview Display
    set to “Always on top” causes problems with viewing other windows. The recommended setting is “On top when playing”.
  11. CHANGED – Default in Search and Edit Songs – We changed the default for Search and Edit Songs to be a “Words”
    search, instead of a “String” search, since the results from a “Words” search are usually more in line with what is expected.
  12. CHANGED – Default in Import CD Tracks – We changed the defaults in this dialog to be the best
    compression ratio (320k for MP3, and 192k for WMA), and to Zip the audio and cdg files.
  13. CHANGED – Set Focus on Main Window – Whenever you click on the Show Display or the undocked Preview Display,
    focus was removed from the main Hoster Window. Now, each time you click on either of these windows, you will see the Focus return to the main window.
    This facilitates the use of Hot Keys, including the new ones mentioned above.
  14. REMOVED – “Auto Stop on Rotation” – This was the last check box in the Tools > Settings…
    window within the Playlist group. Since Hoster plays its Rotations in any order, based solely on the order of the Singers, the “Auto Stop” concept
    has no meaning. We removed this check box to clear up any misconceptions the user might have.
  15. REMOVED – Singer Color in Rotation – If you mark one of your Singers Inactive, the text of the
    Singer’s Name will no longer be displayed in a different color. This was done because Hoster also displays green, yellow, and red icons in front of each name,
    based on the current status of that Singer.
  16. FIXED – Time Column in SND – The Singers Name Display had a problem where the Next Time to Sing would have
    an incorrect value if a Singer was listed with no Songs. This happens when you list the complete Rotation, and one of the next Singers has not turned in a request for a new Song.
  17. FIXED – Singer’s Songs Columns – These have been fixed to be wider & visible by default.
  18. FIXED – Show Display at Startup – Allowing the Show Display to be Fullscreen when Hoster launches can cause problems.
    To avoid this, Hoster will place the Show Display window at its last known location in non-Fullscreen mode.
  19. FIXED – Launch SongbookDB at Startup – Customers who selected “No, thanks” still saw this dialog
    at startup. This has been fixed.
  20. FIXED – Volume in InstaButtons – Some customers were getting very strange Volume values for their InstaButtons.
    The code has been fixed to limit the volume to be always between zero and 100.
  21. FIXED – Invalid Playlist – When customers open an invalid Playlist file, they are left not knowing what state Hoster is left in.
    Now, they will know that a “New” Playlist has been created for them.
  22. FIXED – Select Singer or Song – It was discovered that clicking a Singer in the Rotation would not select his or her first Song,
    or clicking a Song in the Playlist would not select the associated Singer. This has been resolved.Note: This is only applicable when the Show is not playing. While the Show is playing, selecting a Singer will not alter the selected Song.
  23. FIXED – Bug in Preview Window Size – We fixed some issues with the undocked Preview Window, when reopening Hoster
    and when double-clicking on the Preview Window to quickly enlarge it. You should see expected behavior from the Preview Window now.
  24. FIXED – Live Sync on Restart – Live Sync was always being reset to 0.00 when Restarting the same Song.
    In the case of a Restart, the Live Sync value should remain unchanged.
  25. FIXED – Removed Delays in Edit Singer Database – The window that opens when you click Singers
    in the main Hoster window allows you to make changes to your Singers Database. We found and removed some unnecesssary delays in this window, especially when you
    Add a Song to your Hoster Playlist.
  26. FIXED – Key Change Set Wrong on Next Song – At the start of a new Song, the Key Change would sometimes be set
    to the modified Key Change from the previous Song. This has been fixed.

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Video Hoster Music and Lyrics out of Sync in Windows 8.1 or 10

This issue is not Video Hoster or Windows, the problem is actually the video card drivers in your computer not updated to work correctly with Win 10.

Make sure you know which video card you have.  Here is how you can find out by going to  Control Panel, then left click System and security, then left click on System.  Left click Device Manager on the left side of this page, now find and left click Display Adapters.  This will show you the model  number and video card that you have.

You need to get the very latest Video Drivers for your system, if you have an ATI Radeon on NVIDIA card you can get the updated drivers from these links below.

ATI Radeon Beta Drivers

NVIDIA GeForce Drivers this one you must select your model, etc…. Once you do this, you should see an option for the Beta Version, download the very latest one.

Download and install their software using their default settings.  Then once you have done this, Reboot the Computer as needed.

Video Hoster Audio Playing through HDMI Port to Tv

We keep having more and more customers asking “Why their Audio is going through the HDMI Port to the Tv?”  So we figured what better item to make a FAQ on than this question!

Here is how you can fix this, so it will go through the output on the computer instead of through the HDMI port.

  1. Open Video Hoster
  2. Click on Tools\Settings then click the Audio Button (Version 5.40 and higher) or Tools\Audio Controls (below version 5.35)
  3. Click Playlist Audio Card
  4. Select your Normal output, not the HDMI Sound output.
  5. Click Apply, and Ok to Exit.

Now your Audio will no longer play through the HDMI Port to the Tv.

Video Hoster Audio/Graphics out of Sync or distorted audio -FIX

If you upgraded to Video Hoster 5.35, and now you are experiencing audio/sync  issues, then this will fix your problems:

1) If you do not Use Tempo – then you can turn off the Tempo Play Mode.

  • In Video Hoster 5.40 and newer versions this is located at the Tools Menu\Settings\Tempo Mode Button. Change this to Normal Play Mode, then apply and save it.
  • In Video Hoster 5.35 and Older versions this is located at the Tools Menu\Tempo Mode Change this to Normal Play Mode, then apply and save it.

2) If you use Tempo Mode – then you can fix it this way.

  • In Video Hoster 5.40 and newer versions this is located at Tools Menu\Settings\Audio Button.  Find the Prevent Audio Dropouts change this to 10, then apply and save it.
  • In Video Hoster 5.35 and Older versions this is located at Tools Menu\Audio Controls.  Find the Prevent Audio Dropouts change this to 10, then apply and save it.

This should fix the problem, if not then please let us know.

Songverter crashes when I try to convert anything to a .mp3 file.


Songverter crashes when I try to convert anything to a .mp3 file.


Update your Lame_enc.dll file as stated below.

Go to this Webpage to download the Lame Dll

Open the file that you have just downloaded under Windows XP, Vista, Winzip or some other unzipping program.

You can right click on the Lame_enc.dll file, now select Copy.

Now go to My Computer click on the C:\ drive
Click on the Windows Folder
Click on the System Folder under Windows

Now right click on this Folder, and select Paste.  It will now be copied to this folder.

Now you should have the lame_enc.dll installed on your computer to be used with Songverter and any other program that can use it.

How to Move Video Hoster to a new system

How to move the Video Hoster Files from to a new system. 

NOTE: These direction only work for Version 5.20.01 and Later. Earlier versions did not include the Backup/Restore program.

Step 1 – Backup All your Song Files, including any kma, mp3+g, kmh, zip, etc…. to an external hard drive to move them to the new computer. This will be done under My Computer, not within Video Hoster.

NOTE:  Once you have done the above, and the files are ready to be copied to the new computer, they must be copied in the exact same Folder Locations as they were on the original system. If you do not put them in the same folders, the following will not work.

Step 2 –  Open Video Hoster

Step 3 – Click the Help Menu then Backup/Restore…

Step 4 – Left click Ok to close Video Hoster. Then the Backup/Restore Dialog will open.

Step 7 -Click the Backup Button and select the Location to save your backup file. Give your File the name you wish to use, and save it to a location that you know where it is and click Save

When the backup is finished you will see the Status change to Sucess!

Now to Restore the Backed up Data on the New Computer.

Step 8 –  Open Video Hoster

Step 9 – Click the Help Menu then Backup/Restore…

Step 10 – Left click Ok to close Video Hoster. Then the Backup/Restore Dialog will open.

Step 11 -Click the Restore Button and Find the Location of the saved  backup file you created in Step 7. Open this File to use for the Restore. Once you select the File you should see Success! beside Status.  Now click Ok to close this Dialog. Then Reopen Video Hoster by double clicking the Icon.

Now the Computers you use this restore on will be identical. You have to make sure that your Song files, are located in the exact same folder on both computers. This is up to you, the customer, to where you store the files. As long as they are in the same folder, Example: C:\MTU\Hoster Songs\, on both computers it will work.

We hope this helps anyone with issues trying to move up to a new system!

How to change a file type association – Fix for manual not opening

If you are using any of our products and click on the Read Manual Command within the product and get an error, do the following:

Method 1

1) Go to My Computer, Find the Local C drive and double click on it.

2) Double click Program FIles (x86)

3) Double click Micro Technology Unlimited

4) Double click your product folder, such as Hoster

5) Open the Manual folder and find the manual file.  Mstudioman.htm, Hosterman.htm etc… Right click on this file, left click Open With.  Select Internet Explorer, then click Set as Default program.

Click out of everything and you have now fixed your system.

Method 2 works for any type of file.

  1. Click on Start and then Control Panel.

    Tip: In a hurry? Type associations in the search box after clicking the start button. Choose Make a file type always open in a specific program from the list of results and then skip to Step 4.

  2. Click on the Programs link.

    Note: If you’re viewing the Small icons or Large icons view of control panel you won’t see this link. Click on the Default Programs icon and then click on the Associate a file type or protocol with a program link. Then proceed to Step 4.

  3. Click on the Make a file type always open in a specific program link under the Default Programs heading.
  4. In the Set Associations window, scroll down the list until you see the file extension that you want to change the default program for.
  5. Click on the file extension to highlight it, once you’ve found the one you’re looking for.
  6. Click the Change program… button above the scroll bar.

    The Open With dialog box should appear.

  7. Look through the options in the Recommended Programs area and choose the application that you want to open the file extension with when you double-click on the particular kind of file on your computer.

    Note: Chances are, the applications listed under Recommended Programs will contain the most applicable programs for this file type but be sure to look at the applications under Other Programs. You may need to click the v to expand the list of these programs.

    Note: Click Browse… to search through your computer for any program not listed that you’d like to use.

  8. Click the OK button on the Open With window. Windows 7 will refresh the list of file associations to show the new default program to open this type of file.



Happy Holidays from MTU

Happy Holidays from all of us at MTU!  Just letting you know that MTU will be closed to celebrate the Holidays on Friday, December 22nd and will reopen on Tuesday, December 27th.  We will also be closed on Monday, January 2nd and reopening on Tuesday, January the 3rd to ring in the New Year.  If you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas, MTU is running a special on software.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Paid software orders can be immediately downloaded.  Hardware orders will be shipped the first day we are open following the holiday.  Phone messages will be returned as quickly as possible in the order in which they are received.

Thank you for your business.   We appreciate you.

Wishing you a most Happy and Joyous Holiday and Prosperous New Year.