How to Move Video Hoster to a new system

How to move the Video Hoster Files from to a new system. 

NOTE: These direction only work for Version 5.20.01 and Later. Earlier versions did not include the Backup/Restore program.

Step 1 – Backup All your Song Files, including any kma, mp3+g, kmh, zip, etc…. to an external hard drive to move them to the new computer. This will be done under My Computer, not within Video Hoster.

NOTE:  Once you have done the above, and the files are ready to be copied to the new computer, they must be copied in the exact same Folder Locations as they were on the original system. If you do not put them in the same folders, the following will not work.

Step 2 –  Open Video Hoster

Step 3 – Click the Help Menu then Backup/Restore…

Step 4 – Left click Ok to close Video Hoster. Then the Backup/Restore Dialog will open.

Step 7 -Click the Backup Button and select the Location to save your backup file. Give your File the name you wish to use, and save it to a location that you know where it is and click Save

When the backup is finished you will see the Status change to Sucess!

Now to Restore the Backed up Data on the New Computer.

Step 8 –  Open Video Hoster

Step 9 – Click the Help Menu then Backup/Restore…

Step 10 – Left click Ok to close Video Hoster. Then the Backup/Restore Dialog will open.

Step 11 -Click the Restore Button and Find the Location of the saved  backup file you created in Step 7. Open this File to use for the Restore. Once you select the File you should see Success! beside Status.  Now click Ok to close this Dialog. Then Reopen Video Hoster by double clicking the Icon.

Now the Computers you use this restore on will be identical. You have to make sure that your Song files, are located in the exact same folder on both computers. This is up to you, the customer, to where you store the files. As long as they are in the same folder, Example: C:\MTU\Hoster Songs\, on both computers it will work.

We hope this helps anyone with issues trying to move up to a new system!

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