How to Import Karaoke and Audio Files in Video Hoster

This article will show you how to Import MP3+g or .zip, mp3, videos, or any other Hard drive files into your Video Hoster Karaoke Software.

1) Open Video Hoster

2) Left click Import Songs then  left click Index Song Files

3) Left click KMH under the Select Type as selection.

4) Left click on ZIP or MP3G depending on the type of files you are trying to import.  This will now open the Windows Open File dialog.  Find the folder where your files are stored, that you want to import into Video Hoster.  Make sure you have the correct folder in the Look In Field, once you see the files below, left click Select.

5) This will show the files in Import Songs Dialog. If you do not see the files, then left click the check box beside Include Sub-folders this will show all files listed in multiple folders.

6) Left click one of the Song Files, to select it, then Follow the instructions on the left hand side of this dialog,  to match the Define Field order to match your File Names.

This is the MOST Critical part of importing your files to have the correct data for the Search/Songbook.

For example:

A file that is named  would need to have the define field order set to Title-Artist-Ignore.

If the file is named KBA22792-01 – Estefan, Gloria – Santo, you would set the Define Field order to DiscID-Track – Artist – Title.

7) Once you have the correct Define Field order settings, select either Single or Batch depending on how many files you  have to import.  You may want to try Single first, to make sure that the Define Field Order is set correctly.

8) Make any other changes to the Brand, DiscID, Genre, Language that are needed.

9) If you are in Single Mode, when you left click Add Files it will show the files listed below.

Note: Using Batch Mode you will not see the files displayed below as you do in Single mode.

This is the most critical part, so make sure to take your time and get it right.

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