MTU Programs crashing on Writing KMA, WMA or importing from CD – Windows 10 Anniversary Edition only

If you are having issues with Crashing with any of our Products, while using the latest version of Windows 10, this is the cause.

Microsoft has removed support for WMA in the way we were using it in our products in the latest version of Windows 10.  You can either Import as MP3, MP3+G or zip and no longer have any issues, or do the following.

  1.  Download this file Here
  2. Extract the files to EACH MTU program you have installed on your computer, such as for Video Hoster C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Hoster.  Put the 2 files in the above zip file in that folder.  Then it will work fine.

Microstudio –  C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Microstudio

Keyrite –  C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Keyrite

Karaoke Home Producer (KHPro) – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\KHPro

Vogone – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Vogone

Vogone Easy – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Vogone Easy

Songverter – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Songverter

MTU Hoster Karaoke Software Error: Incorrect Parameter

For those running into a random Error stating “Incorrect Parameters” while running Hoster, make sure you do as stated in this Knowledge base article from Microsoft.

If you still have issues, then please let us know.

My New Drive Does Not Show Up In Your Software


My new drive does not show up in your software


1. Make sure you have the latest Microstudio version by running it, and click the Help menu About (MTU PROGRAM NAME) to see what version you are running. If you don’t have the latest version, read these instructions. If your download link is older than 12 months or the latest version is not available from your download link, purchase the upgrade.

2. Update all drivers for your motherboard to the latest versions for USB, IDE and Chipset drivers. These are available from the web site for your Motherboard manufacturer, or computer company.

3. If the drives still do not appear, something is in your computer is not allowing MTU to access your drive. You need to:
A. Backup all critical data and files
B. Reformat the computer hard drive (which will erase/delete/remove everything on the hard drive)
C. Reinstall Windows
D. Reinstall Microstudio and other MTU programs
E. Reinstall any other programs
F. Restore all backed up data

Your drives should now appear.

When I Go To Install The Latest Update, It Tells Me I Have To Remove The Old Version. Will This Remove All My Music Too?


When I go to install the latest update, it tells me I have to remove the old version. Will this remove all my music too?


Any updates to any of our programs will never touch your Imported Music.  The updates will only remove and reinstall the program itself.

What Is The Difference Between Software And Hardware Decoding For CD+G?


What is the difference between Software and Hardware decoding for CD+G?


Hardware decoding means that the drive itself has a chip inside of it that can error correct the CD+G data.  In 2006, only Plextor drives have hardware decode, and not all of their drives have it. This list have hardware decoding:

This lIst of Plextor drives do NOT have Hardware decoding:

Software Decoding means that the drive sends the data from the CD to our program in Raw format.  The software then must decode (error correct) the CD+G graphics and audio.  All optical drives can provide audio, but not all can provide the graphics. Also if the drive does work to give you the graphics you might get alot of broken or splotchy graphics due to the error correction.  Software error correction only fixes some errors that are fixed by Hardware decoding. Thus, Plextor drives that have Hardware decoding always give the best imported tracks with fewer graphic errors.

CD/DVD Drive Locks Up When Reading Files Into The Computer Or Writing A New Blank CD.


CD/DVD drive locks up when reading files into the computer or writing a new blank CD.


If you are having problems reading discs into the computer or writing discs, update your firmware on your CD/DVD drive fixes most problems.

One of our customers reported the following Problem and this was the fix.

Using the Plextor DVDR PX-716A for duplicating, the image file is read in, but while writing, the progress bar reaches 80% and the new disc is ejected with the message “Duplicating CD Failed.” I upgraded the Plextor firmware from 1.09 to 1.10 and it now duplicates a CD just fine.

Here is the list of drives from Plextor’s website as of 10/05/06.  If your drive is not listed then you can get the updated firmware from:

Select your drive from the list. Save the file to your computer and then Run it to install it into the drive.

Plextor PX-760A DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades

Plextor PX-755SA DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades

Plextor PX-750A/UF DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades

Plextor PX-740A/UF DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades 

Plextor PX-716AL DVD±R/RW

Plextor PX-716AL DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades 

Plextor PX-716A or PX-716SA or PX-716UF DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades 

Plextor PX-712A or PX-712SA or PX-712UF DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades 

Plextor PX-708UF2 DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades

Plextor PX-708A or PX-708UF DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades

Plextor PX-504A or PX-504UF DVD+R/RW Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 20/10/40-12A Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 8/8/24-8U Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter PX-230 Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 52/24/52A Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter Premium Firmware Upgrades PlexWriter 24/10/24U Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 40/12/40S Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 48/24/48A and 48/24/48U Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 40/12/40A and 40/12/40U Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 8/8/24A and 8/8/24U Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 24/10/40A and 24/10/40U Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 16/10/40A Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 12/10/32S Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 12/10/32A Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 12/4/32 Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 8/4/32 Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 8/2/20 Firmware Upgrades

PlexWriter 4/2/20 Firmware Upgrades

How To Reset Micrsotudio Settings To Default.


How to reset Micrsotudio settings to default.


WARNING! DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Be sure you follow this exactly. If you delete the wrong Registry Keys, Windows on your computer could be damaged, requiring it to be re-installed.

  1. Left click the Start Menu and click Run.
  2. Type in regedit and click OK or Open.
  3. Go to the very top of the Registry Editor. It you already see the Registry Keys expanded below, skip this step and go to the next step. Click the + beside My Computer.
  4. Click the + Beside HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  5. Click the + beside SOFTWARE
  6. Click the + beside Micro Technology Unlimited
  7. Click the + beside Microstudio
  8. Click Default to select it.        WARNING! Be VERY careful to have this exact location selected. If not and you proceed, you could damage your Windows installation, requiring it to be re-installed to fix it. BE VERY CAREFUL! With Default selected, press the Delete Key Click Yes when it asks you if you are sure.
  9. Click the X in the Top Right corner to close the Registry Editor.
  10. Open Microstudio. It will be as if you started from scratch.


When Importing A Song In Microstudio Or Hoster I Get No Sound Or Graphics


I downloaded the newest version of Microstudio (or Hoster) and imported a song.  I tried to play the song and all i got was a black screen with no audio.


This can occur under Hoster 3.310 and later and Microstudio 3.000 and later only as they are using the newer MMC commands to support using other drives for CD+G.  The only fix to this is to replace your drive.  It means your drive does not support the formats we are using, you will have to replace your drive with one that will work.