My New Drive Does Not Show Up In Your Software


My new drive does not show up in your software


1. Make sure you have the latest Microstudio version by running it, and click the Help menu About (MTU PROGRAM NAME) to see what version you are running. If you don’t have the latest version, read these instructions. If your download link is older than 12 months or the latest version is not available from your download link, purchase the upgrade.

2. Update all drivers for your motherboard to the latest versions for USB, IDE and Chipset drivers. These are available from the web site for your Motherboard manufacturer, or computer company.

3. If the drives still do not appear, something is in your computer is not allowing MTU to access your drive. You need to:
A. Backup all critical data and files
B. Reformat the computer hard drive (which will erase/delete/remove everything on the hard drive)
C. Reinstall Windows
D. Reinstall Microstudio and other MTU programs
E. Reinstall any other programs
F. Restore all backed up data

Your drives should now appear.

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