Audio Is Out Of Sync With Graphics Or Repeats The Same Audio


Audio is out of sync with graphics or repeats the same audio.


NOTE: Microsoft Removed this ability from Windows Vista.  If you are having Sync issues with Vista, then you Must get the latest drivers for your Audio and Video cards.  This is the only way to fix this under Vista.

This is how to slow down the Hardware acceleration of your sound card.  This can fix problems with the graphics being out of sync or not playing back correctly with the audio.

1) Click the START menu

2) Left click  RUN.

3) Type in DXDIAG, and click OK.

4) At the top, click the tab marKed SOUND (may also be Sound 1 or Sound 2).

5) There’s a slider marked Hardware Acceleration.

6) Click on the pointer and move it to the left until it shows Basic Acceleration.

7) Exit the program.

8) Now try your software again.  The audio and graphics should now be in sync.

You can also try setting the Colors in the Display settings to 16 bit color, there used to be a problem with some video cards that made this occur. You can get to this by going to Control Panel\Display properties. Then click on the settings tab and change the colors to 16 bit.

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