MTU Programs crashing on Writing KMA, WMA or importing from CD – Windows 10 Anniversary Edition only

If you are having issues with Crashing with any of our Products, while using the latest version of Windows 10, this is the cause.

Microsoft has removed support for WMA in the way we were using it in our products in the latest version of Windows 10.  You can either Import as MP3, MP3+G or zip and no longer have any issues, or do the following.

  1.  Download this file Here
  2. Extract the files to EACH MTU program you have installed on your computer, such as for Video Hoster C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Hoster.  Put the 2 files in the above zip file in that folder.  Then it will work fine.

Microstudio –  C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Microstudio

Keyrite –  C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Keyrite

Karaoke Home Producer (KHPro) – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\KHPro

Vogone – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Vogone

Vogone Easy – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Vogone Easy

Songverter – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Songverter

Where Do I Get My Registration Code?


Where do I get my Registration Code?


Your Registration Code is located in your Store account.  To get to your Registration code Login to your Store account

  1. Log into your MTU Store Account (click here to learn how to go to your account).
  2. Click View My Order History in the right column.
  3. When you orders appear, find the one where you purchased the software you want the Registration Code for.
  4. You can click the VIEW button by each order and see what it contained, and to see your Download link, Registration Email, and Registration Code.

Upgrading From Older Versions To The Latest Version


Upgrading from older versions to the latest version.


You need to purchase the product upgrades.  This will give you new RegCodes and the current software.  You don’t need the older versions installed, as MTU programs are full installs.

Error: Page Not Displayed Or The Download File Dialog Never Appears


Error: Page not displayed or the download file dialog never appears.


If you have  a Firewall installed on your computer, you must disable it, it is blocking your computer from Receiving the file from our website.  Most of the major firewalls give you an option to disable it for a short time frame, such as 15 minutes.  Disable it, so that you can download the file and then re-enable it when you are done with the download. This is a problem that is caused by software loaded on your computer and not on our website.

How do I Re-download The Software?


How do I re-download the software?


The link in your MTU Store account shows a download link for 10 days, then it disappears.

First, you should always write the downloaded installation file for all MTU products to a CDROM after downloading. This insures you have it in the future when you will need to reinstall that product. MTU does not provide back versions of our software. Only the current release version is available on-line.

To find the latest version, run the program, click the Help menu, then the Check for Updates command. This shows a web page with a DOWNLOAD button. Click this to get the latest version.

This works for all products except Hoster. When MTU makes a free version of Hoster available, we send out an email to everyone who has the right to download and install that

Error: The Procedure Entry Point WMCreatereader Could Not Be Located In Dynamic Link Library WMVcore .dll


Error: The procedure entry point WMCreatereader could not be located in dynamic link library WMVcore .dll


This is stating that your computer does not have the latest version of DirectX or Windows Media Player.

To fix this problem you must connect your computer to the Internet, then go to the Start Menu > All Programs > Windows Updates and run this or click on this Link:

When you see the Windows Update site, click on Custom.  Select all Updates on the left hand side under Optional Software.  Once you install all the updates, restart your computer. Then go to the Windows Updates again and make sure there are no other updates available.  You must keep doing this until you get all of the items showing 0 for no more updates. Windows will now work correctly and MTU programs should run without this error message appearing.

You can also download the following files to fix this problem.

DirectX 9.0C:

Windows Media Player 11:

 NOTE: You still could have other problems though if you don’t get all of the updates from the Windows Update site as stated above. You must also have a Validated Copy of Windows to get these files or updates through Microsoft.

Error: Failed To Find DLL function: _ismtu.setProduct


Error: Failed to find DLL function: _ismtu.setProduct


Error Number:0x80040703
Description: Failed to find DLL function: _ismtu.setProduct
Setup will now terminate.

To fix this, follow these steps.


You get to the Windows Update site from this link:

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST use Windows Internet Explorer to gather your updates. You CANNOT use any other Browser (Netscape, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

1. When the page above appears, click on the Custom button. Your computer will be scanned for what updates are not installed.

2. In the left column, select all items under Optional Software.

3. Then, click on Install to start the installation.

4. Once the updates are installed, if you see a message to restart the computer, you must do this before continuing.

5. Then go through the same process again until it shows 0 items to be installed.


Once you have done the above updates, you must now do the following:

Click Download x86 version to download the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Follow the Instructions on the page that opens.

Once you have this installed on your computer, you will then beable to install and register MTU products.


Now install your prouct and it should work fine.

Error: No Sound Device Installed, Please Install One And Try Again


Error: No sound device installed, please install one and try again.


Converting MP3 files to WAV files using Cool Edit Pro, you will get this error message as the WAV files are created wrong.

Use another program to convert your MP3 files to WAV files. Or, use our Microstudio software to import the original CD track as a WAV file for the highest quality.

Quality Speakers And Audio Card Allow Quality Vocal Reduction


Quality speakers and Audio card allow quality vocal reduction


When you are trying to vocal reduce a song, you must keep this very important point in mind. There are several real differences in the audio output channels between your computer to your Karaoke player.

1. The Speakers and Amplifier you are listening to on your computer. If you have cheap multi-media speakers, you may not be able to hear low and high frequencies that you could remove if you heard them. This is a well know problem that is addressed by all professional studio engineers. You need good quality Near Field monitors to do an excellent job. I’m not saying that you will do wonders with vocal reduction simply by having better speakers, but I am saying you cannot remove frequencies you cannot hear. Thus, you probably will do a better job with better speakers. Try using the same amplifier and speakers on your computer that you are listening to on your Karaoke Player.

2. The Equalization settings on your Karaoke Player if there are any, might be boosting the bass or treble so it amplifies the residual echo frequencies. Vogone adds bass and treble boost so you don’t want to boost them more in a Karaoke Player. If there are no EQ controls on your Player, this point probably does not apply.

3. The Digital-to-Analog converters on either device – your audio output in the computer, and the output in your Karaoke player – can affect the quality of audio you hear. Regretfully, we all want to believe that even the cheapest audio card is so wonderful, and so rich and full of all audio frequencies with no coloration of the… balderdash! The truism “you get what you pay for” carries a lot of truth in the audio field. Specs are just that… paper specs to make you feel comfortable to buy it. A better quality sound card compared to built-on audio on the motherboard will probably make a difference in what you hear. If the A/D converters and re-creation filters are poor performers, the highest quality speakers and amps in the world won’t make a bit of difference.

Improving the quality of your audio listening environment will directly affect the quality of vocal reduction you can do, when the reverb echoes are not very loud. If they are loud, there may not be much you can do. However, with poor speakers and audio, you won’t be able to do as good a job as otherwise. That’s a fact for sure!