Error: Failed To Find DLL function: _ismtu.setProduct


Error: Failed to find DLL function: _ismtu.setProduct


Error Number:0x80040703
Description: Failed to find DLL function: _ismtu.setProduct
Setup will now terminate.

To fix this, follow these steps.


You get to the Windows Update site from this link:

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST use Windows Internet Explorer to gather your updates. You CANNOT use any other Browser (Netscape, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

1. When the page above appears, click on the Custom button. Your computer will be scanned for what updates are not installed.

2. In the left column, select all items under Optional Software.

3. Then, click on Install to start the installation.

4. Once the updates are installed, if you see a message to restart the computer, you must do this before continuing.

5. Then go through the same process again until it shows 0 items to be installed.


Once you have done the above updates, you must now do the following:

Click Download x86 version to download the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Follow the Instructions on the page that opens.

Once you have this installed on your computer, you will then beable to install and register MTU products.


Now install your prouct and it should work fine.

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