Error: The Procedure Entry Point WMCreatereader Could Not Be Located In Dynamic Link Library WMVcore .dll


Error: The procedure entry point WMCreatereader could not be located in dynamic link library WMVcore .dll


This is stating that your computer does not have the latest version of DirectX or Windows Media Player.

To fix this problem you must connect your computer to the Internet, then go to the Start Menu > All Programs > Windows Updates and run this or click on this Link:

When you see the Windows Update site, click on Custom.  Select all Updates on the left hand side under Optional Software.  Once you install all the updates, restart your computer. Then go to the Windows Updates again and make sure there are no other updates available.  You must keep doing this until you get all of the items showing 0 for no more updates. Windows will now work correctly and MTU programs should run without this error message appearing.

You can also download the following files to fix this problem.

DirectX 9.0C:

Windows Media Player 11:

 NOTE: You still could have other problems though if you don’t get all of the updates from the Windows Update site as stated above. You must also have a Validated Copy of Windows to get these files or updates through Microsoft.

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