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Hey, MTU community!

We’ve been thrilled to hear how each of you are enjoying Hoster!  Today we wanted to share with everyone a Top-Ten list created by Roy from our MTU.Community forums!

Top 10 reasons I like Hoster.

  1. It is an all in one program: it has its own built in cdg ripper and songbook printing built in. Any songs imported into Hoster are automatically entered into the songbook, no re-entering of data needed.
  2. Customization: Hoster has choices in most of its dialogs as to how you prefer it to work so you can customise it to your own preferences. The show display setup is completely customizable so you decide how and what to display to your audience depending which type of file is playing.
  3. The GUI: I like the way the whole playlist is viewable on the screen, (not just the 1 rotation) play list order is as you see it laid out, with easy drag & drop order (not select then up & down buttons) and you can select which data columns you want to view.
  4. Videos: play from same playlist so you can play mp4 karaoke (which are being offered now as a standard karaoke type from download sites) in the same way as standard karaoke files, it will play most video types if the codec is present so ordinary promo music types will play from the same playlist.
  5. Song Selection: The search feature is fast and with plenty of choices, I like word search but there is a string search which filters out more results but needs more accurate data entered. You can filter results on Type, Video, Audio, Karaoke, brand, discid, duet, mux, lang and what’s new for a preselected amount of days. For those that prefer using song #’s from their songbooks that is another option that is very quick at finding your song request.
  6. The BA (background music player): This is available to those that want it and I like using this mostly at the beginning of the evening when the show is a bit slow, once everyone has got a few drinks inside them they can’t get up fast enough I can turn it off, This again is very versatile in how you set it up, you can load .m3u or .wpl playlist from other software or create your own playlist directly in the player, also select if it fades in or out or not and whether to play song from where it paused or just play another song.
  7. Instabuttons: Another great little feature that I use quite a lot. This can quickly be hidden from the main GUI when not in use but can play both audio and video clips or favourite tunes instantly.
  8. Singers Songs data: Hoster can store all your singers requests and keeps a record of how many times each song is played (plus many other Fun facts that can be printed or shown) so you can easily re enter any of their songs quickly, I know a lot of DJ’s say they can remember what each singer sings but you would be surprised when you start using this feature how many different songs one singer might sing. Some singers can have a hundred or more different songs and I’m sure no Host would remember them all. These singers can just walk in the door and just give you a hand sign for you to place them in the playlist.
  9. Singers own disc: providing you have a capable cdg reading drive you can either play these straight from their own disc or import them, either way you can arrange them in the playlist with the drag and drop feature the same as any other song.
  10. Startup time: Hoster has quick start up time, if you did have a crash (which is rare occurrence) Hoster can be restarted very quickly probably without anyone noticing and automatically remembers the setup and playlist.

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