Video Hoster 5.33.01 Released October 29, 2014!

Hello, MTU Community!

As many of you know, just a few weeks ago we released Hoster version 5.33.01!  We’ve included a new feature that MANY of you have been asking for in the new ‘Mark Songs As Played’ feature, read more below!  Our product developers and beta testers have worked hard to continue to bring you exciting new and improved features for Hoster, making it easier and more fun for you to run your shows!  Tell us what YOU would like to see added into Hoster!  Leave requests in the comments or visit our Facebook page and leave us a note there!

Here is a Video showing how easy it is to upgrade your Current Video Hoster Software! Watch Now!

     Check out the list of new and improved features!

  1. NEW – Fade Out/In for Pause/Resume – Pausing and Resuming songs in both Hoster and the Background Audio Player will now Fade Out and back In depending on the Fade settings for that player. To check the Fade setting for Hoster, go to Tools > Audio Controls…. For the BA Player, go to Settings > Fade In/Out….
  2. NEW – Mark Songs as Played – This new feature will give you a visual cue when a song has been played in the current show. Played songs will be displayed in red with a strike-thru line. They will appear in your Search, Singer’s List and Edit Singers windows. You can set this in one of four ways:
    • None – Turn this option off.
    • BookID – Mark only the exact BookID as “Played”.
    • Title Only – Mark all songs with the exact same Title as “Played”.
    • Artist & Title – Mark songs with the exact same Artist & Title as “Played”.

    You make this selection in the Tools > Options… window. This feature works whether you Keep Songs After Play or not. When you close and reopen Hoster, this information is reset to start anew.

    Along with this change, you can also Reset any Played Song to be displayed normally. To do this, simply right-click on the song in any of the three windows listed above, and select Mark As > Available.

    Note: Since this feature uses the Red font color, if your background color is Red, you will not see the marked songs in the windows listed above.

  3. CHANGED – Playback Offset – This setting is now in the “Audio Controls” window instead of the “Options” window. It has no other changes.


  1. CHANGED – Find Same… – The search results that you get will no longer contain the song that you clicked on in Hoster’s Playlist. This was done because you are either going to replace the selected song with a new song, or you are going to add a new song (probably not a duplicate).
  2. FIXED – Find Same… – If you replace a “PLAYED” song in the Playlist, that song will now show up as “READY”, and you can play it immediately.
  3. FIXED – Ctrl-Space to Start Play – When your Show Display is in fullscreen mode, and Hoster is hidden behind it (single monitor, e.g.), you can Start and Stop the songs by pressing and holding a “Ctrl” key and then pressing the “Space bar”.


  1. FIXED – Enter Key – Clicking the “Enter” key when your cursor is in the Singers box will open or update the Singers List window, instead of adding the selected song(s) to Hoster’s Playlist.


  1. CHANGED – Remove Folders – If you are Removing multiple folders, Hoster will prompt you only once to choose whether the .KMH files should be deleted as well, instead of repeatedly for each folder.


  1. NEW – BA Player Option – You can now set your Background Audio Player to Pause the currently playing song when you start playing something in Hoster. Then when that song ends, the BA Player will Resume the same song that was paused. You also have the option to Stop the current song when Hoster starts, and Start a New Song when Hoster stops.Set this using the BA Player Settings > When Show Starts… menu option.


  1. FIXED – Errors Launching Hoster – If you have ever had difficulty opening Hoster stating that your Songs Database could not be opened, this will fix your situation.
  2. FIXED – Duplicate DiscID & Track – If Hoster finds two songs with the same DiscID & Track but different BookIDs, the second one found will be Quarantined, as there is no way that it can be successfully Merged into the Songs Database.


  1. CHANGED – Automatic Marquee Update – The Marquee and SND will no longer automatically update every minute. This should make your Marquees flow a little better.


  1. CHANGED – Double-Click to Full screen – If you have more than one monitor, the Show Display will now be set to Full screen on the monitor that does not have the main Hoster window. In other words, you can now control which monitor gets the Full screen Show Display by placing Hoster onto the other monitor.


  1. CHANGED – Double-Click to Resize – If you have set your Preview Sizer to anything but None and double-click on the un-docked preview window, you will be unable to move or resize it until you double-click on it again.

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