Disabling AudioDg.exe to help with Crash Problems

We have found an audio setting that can cause crashing in some of our programs.  These changes will help to make sure your system does not crash.  This can occur in Video Hoster, Microstudio, Karaoke Home Producer, Vogone and Keyrite.

To make sure this does not occur, turn this setting off you have it, as not all computers have this setting.

This problem is caused by the Audio Device Graph Isolation service using the Audiodg.exe program.

How to fix:

1) Right-Click on the Speaker Icon in the tray at the Bottom Right of the desktop (beside the clock).

2) Left Click “Playback Devices”

3) Click the device with the green check beside it, example “Speaker” as this is the Default Playback Device.

4) Left Click the “Properties” button

5) Left Click the  “Enhancements tab”

6) Left click to Check the “Disable All Enhancements” checkbox. Also make sure you Un-Check the  “Immediate Mode” box if you see this.  Once you have done this, left click Ok. Then close all other Dialogs that may be open, by the Red X, or by closing everything with the Ok button.

NOTE: Immediate mode does not Show on ALL computers, so you may not have it. If you do it will be to the right of “Disable All Enhancements

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