How To Remove Multiple Artist Listings In The Songbook


How to remove multiple artist listings in the Songbook


Open Hoster and follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Tools Menu Edit Songs command
  2. Enter * in the Search for: field
  3. Click only the Artist button below and click the Search button
  4. When all entries appear in the window below, click on the Artist column title (Artist) to order the songs alphabetically
  5. When you scroll down and see duplicate Artist names, click one, click into the Artist field and remove any spaces before or after the name
  6. Also, if you have “Firstname Lastname” order, change them to “Lastname, Firstname” so they will format correctly in your Songbook
  7. Do this for allĀ duplicates you find, clicking theĀ Apply button after each change
  8. Every once in a while you may want to click the Search button again to refresh the window contents

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