Error: Invalid CUE SHEET Command At Line xx. Previous File Is Not A Multiple Of The Specified Block Size


Error: Invalid CUE SHEET command at line xx. Previous file is not a multiple of the specified block size.


This message appears when writing a CDR disc in the Custom Assembly Tab when you click the Write CD or Test Write buttons. You have added a bad .cdg file to the project.

SOLUTION #1: Be sure the project in the Open/Save project: field does NOT contain both .cdg karaoke files and .wav audio files. Only use one file Type. You should also updgrade to Version 4.00x as it supports this.

SOLUTION #2: One or more imported or created files added to project are bad (a file may be named .cdg, but only contain audio samples, which makes it a .wav file).

To find a bad file, click the New Button in the Custom Assembly Tab to create a new .lst project. Then, add one file to the project and click the Test CD button. If this file is damaged, you will see the error message. If it is good, you will not and you can add the next file to the project. Click the Test CD button after you add each new song track file. When you see the error message, delete that bad file from the project and from the hard drive.

If want the song, go to the Import Tracks Tab and re-import it again.

SOLUTION #3: Keyrite 1.302 would allow you to change the output file type from .wav to .cdg. Some users believed that would create a .cdg file, but it just renamed the audio-only file a .cdg filename extension. The lyrics/graphics data required to be in the .cdg file was missing, which would display this error. In later Keyrite versions, you can only write the file type you have opened for processing; i.e. an open CDG file will only write a CDG file. An open WAV file will only write a WAV file.

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