Error: ‘Start DAO Recording’ Command Failed On Device 3:0:0 Disc Type Is Not Supported.


Error: ‘Start DAO Recording’ command failed on device 3:0:0 Disc type is not supported.


This error may also appear as:

Error: ‘TEST UNIT READY’ command failed on device 1:1:0. Device contains no disc or is not ready. (04h 00h 02h 02h 3Ah 00h

Upgrade to Microstudio 4.00x and this error will no longer occur. If you do not wish to upgrade, then the following should allow you to fix this problem.

This occurs with any of the DVD-/+R drives. This includes the Plextor PX-W708, PX-W712 Px-W716 DVD Recorder Models. Some users have seen this when installing some Printer software drivers.

Remove Roxio EZ CD Creator 6 and Nero 6 or any other Burning program from starting at boot. Most of the time you can go into the programs settings and turn off the option to start the program at Windows Startup. These programs are known to cause this error.


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