When Trying To Import In Microstudio I Get A 0 Byte File. How Do I Fix This?


When trying to import in Microstudio I get a 0 byte file. How do I fix this?


When you get a 0 byte file, it is not importing correctly. This is caused by missing Windows Updates. Another way to know if this is your fix, is to open the Default drives dialog, located on the Tools Menu in Microstudio.  If there is an @ sign in front of the drive name instead of a letter this is your exact problem.

You MUST have all of the Updates from http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com, click on Custom. Then select all of the Optional Updates. If you have alot, you will have to do this once, then reboot, then go through the process until there are 0 updates showing.

The only other thing that will cause this is if you have 64 bit Windows XP or Vista, and you are seeing the @ sign still after getting all the Windows Updates.  There is no fix for this yet, as we do not support 64 bit Windows and this is stated on the Website.

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