Hoster 5.01 released May 9, 2011

After releasing Video Hoster and Lite 5.00 on April 25, 2011 the number of reported problems has been very low. One problem that still persisted after much work was editing the Singers field in the Playlist could still crash Hoster. We created 8 “trace versions” that finally showed us exactly what was going wrong.

What we discovered was shocking! When Windows was called to open either the htm page for showing the Singers Names Display or the Marquee in the Snow Display, it was randomly returning “file not found”. Now that was truly unexpected, but is in line with several “Windows caused” crashes that we fixed in 5.00.

So, today we released Video Hoster and Lite 5.01 with this crash problem fixed, along with several new Genre and Language listings.

You can download the demo from the web site to see the changes, and how it performs on your computer.


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