Hoster Won’t Import Discs


Hoster won’t Import discs


NOTE: Do the following if the drives show under the Tools Menu\Detect Drives.

  1. Open Hoster.
  2. Click the Tools Menu\CD/DVD Default drives.
  3. Left click the Down arrow to the Right side of the Drive showing.
  4. Left click this same drive at the very bottom, even though it is the same name, left click it. This is the only way to reset the registry.
  5. Click Ok, then close Hoster to save it. Then reopen Hoster and it should now show.

If no drives show in the CD/DVD Default drives command, then follow the steps listed below:

Most problems you may have with Hoster not locating or accessing your CD Burner drive is because the ASPI driver is not installed right, or the wrong driver is installed. The ASPI driver allows accessing a CD-Recorder (IDE or SCSI) on a Windows computer.

The ASPI Drivers discussed below are included with Hoster 3.110 and higher. You should not need to make these changes except with prior versions of these programs. If you have Hoster 3.110 or higher, just Reinstall the program using the Upgrade selection in the Installation program.

To find out what version of our ASPI driver is installed:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Click Search
  3. Click “For Files and Folders”
  4. Type in the filename wnaspint.dll (for Windows 2000 and XP) or wnaspi9x.dll (for 98 or ME)
  5. Select for Search to “Look In the C: drive”
  6. Click the Search button
  7. The file should be found under the C:Windows\System32 folder
  8. When the file appears on the right hand side of the search window… Right Click on the filename
  9. Click on Properties
  10. Click the Version Tab
  11. Click the Product Version at the bottom left side
  12. It should display V1.27
  13. If it shows V1.16 or V1.14 then “click this file to select it” and press the Delete key to remove it
  14. Reinstall your Hoster Program using the Upgrade Selection.

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