How To Move KMA Files To A Different Drive/Folder


How to move KMA files to a different drive/folder


Use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the kma songs from the old drive to new drive. We recommend you place them in a folder, such as E:\Songs to give you more flexibility. Follow these steps to rebuild your Songs Database so Hoster knows where you moved the songs to. These instructions are correct for Hoster 2.104 and higher:


Build Songs Database

  1. Run Hoster
  2. Click the Tools menu, Songs Database command
  3. Click on Rebuild
  4. Click a folder found in the Sound source folders list and click the Delete Folder button (select each entry and do the same to remove all)
  5. Click the Select Folder button, locate the E:\Songs folder (or wherever you store them), and click the Select button
  6. Click the Rebuild Songs Database button to build your new Songs database with the KMA files located on E:\Songs (or your choice) folder.
  7. All Add Track methods in the Playlist will now find the KMA songs stored in the E:\Songs folder.

Change Save to Folder Selection

You may also want to change the folder where you will now import any new KMA songs into. To do this:

  1. Click the Import Tracks menu and either the Import CD Tracks or Import Hard Drive Files command
  2. Click the Save to Folder button (with the black/green field to the right)
  3. Select the folder you want to save new KMA files to. In the case above, select E:\Songs to match where you moved your KMA files.

That’s all you need to do.


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