How To Upgrade A Prior Version Of Hoster To Hoster 4.0x


How to Upgrade a Prior version of Hoster to Hoster 4.0x


If you purchased your software from MTU or an MTU Dealer and now want to to the latest version:

1. Go to: and find your product
2. Click the Download button: Save the installation file on your computer hard drive.
3. Use Windows Explorer to find the installation file and double click it to run it.
4 Follow the instructions carefully. Be sure you enter the email address you originally used when you purchased the software. If you are doing this on a computer with Hoster installed, the registration code is automatically filled in for you.
5. If your 12-month upgrade period has expired, you will be prompted to purchase an upgrade.
6. Once the order goes through with approval of your credit card, you can finish installing this version.

If you follow these instructions and still have trouble, please go to: and complete the form for technical assistance. Be sure to provide detailed information about your issue.

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