Video Hoster 5.41.02 is released!

Ready for the Very latest Version of Video Hoster? Read about all the Changes to the software located here.

  1. NEW – Copy Song To… – From the following dialog windows, you can now choose “Copy Song To…”
    from any entry or entries, and the Song file(s) – along with any corresponding .cdg and .lrc file(s) – will be copied to the location that you specify:

    • Playlist
    • Singer’s Current Song List (from Rotation)
    • Search & Singer’s List
    • Edit Singers
    • Edit Songs
    • Background Audio

    Note: If the Song file is already in the selected folder, the Copy will fail.

  2. NEW – Hot Keys: – We added the following functions to the 12 Function keys on your keyboard:
    • F1 = Open / Hide the Search Window
    • F2 = Play / Pause the Background Audio Player
    • F3 = Volume Down (-10)
    • F4 = Volume Up (+10)
    • F5 = Live Sync Timing Backward (-0.25 sec)
    • F6 = Live Sync Timing Forward (+0.25 sec)
    • F7 = Restart the Playing Song
    • F8 = Play / Pause the Playing Song
    • F9 = Stop the Playing Song
    • F10 = Toggle Show Display Full Screen
    • F11 = Go to Next Song in Singer’s List
    • F12 = Go to Next Singer in Rotation

    We also added Ctrl + I to play the first song or video in your list of InstaButtons. This will allow you to set the one InstaButton that you
    want to be able to play quickly in the top row of your InstaButton definitions.
    Then in Hoster, just press and hold the Ctrl key and then press the I key to quickly play this song or video.

    Note: We also added a new button to the Help > View Hot Keys… window. Pressing this button will swap between the
    Keyboard and F-Keys Hot Key lists.

  3. NEW – 3-D Buttons – Hoster will now display most buttons with a 3-D effect. You can choose to display your buttons
    the previous way by un-checking the new check box in Tools > Settings… in the General section.
  4. NEW – Sorting Columns in Search and Edit Songs – If the song list is rather large, it can take a few seconds (or longer)
    to sort each column when you click on the column header. If you attempt to sort one column while another sort is taking place, your results may be unexpected.
    To avoid this, Hoster will block the second sort request, and you will see a message pop up that says: “Please Wait. Still sorting.”
  5. NEW – “No Songs” Indicator – If you manage your Singers in a Singers’ List, you will notice a new
    indicator in the list. A warning icon will be displayed if the Singer has no Songs in the Playlist. Also, if you have chosen to use colored fonts, the Singer’s Name will appear in yellow.
  6. NEW – <Please Pick a Song> – When you manage your Singers in either a Singers’ List or a
    Rotation, if one or more of your Singers does not have a Song in the Playlist, you will now see <Please Pick a Song> next to
    their names.Note: This only shows if you have the Show Song Title check box checked in the Tools > Show Display…
  7. NEW – “Sync Adj” Column – We added this column to both the Edit Singers
    and the Singer List windows.
  8. NEW – “Path” Column – We added this column to the Edit Songs
    and the window to display the full file path of each Song in the list.
  9. CHANGED – Defaults in Tools > Options… > Playlist:
    • Keep Songs After Play will now default to unchecked.
    • Manage the Singers in a Singers List will now default to checked, along with all three check boxes below this selection.


  10. CHANGED – Removed “Always on top” – Having the Show Display and un-docked Preview Display
    set to “Always on top” causes problems with viewing other windows. The recommended setting is “On top when playing”.
  11. CHANGED – Default in Search and Edit Songs – We changed the default for Search and Edit Songs to be a “Words”
    search, instead of a “String” search, since the results from a “Words” search are usually more in line with what is expected.
  12. CHANGED – Default in Import CD Tracks – We changed the defaults in this dialog to be the best
    compression ratio (320k for MP3, and 192k for WMA), and to Zip the audio and cdg files.
  13. CHANGED – Set Focus on Main Window – Whenever you click on the Show Display or the undocked Preview Display,
    focus was removed from the main Hoster Window. Now, each time you click on either of these windows, you will see the Focus return to the main window.
    This facilitates the use of Hot Keys, including the new ones mentioned above.
  14. REMOVED – “Auto Stop on Rotation” – This was the last check box in the Tools > Settings…
    window within the Playlist group. Since Hoster plays its Rotations in any order, based solely on the order of the Singers, the “Auto Stop” concept
    has no meaning. We removed this check box to clear up any misconceptions the user might have.
  15. REMOVED – Singer Color in Rotation – If you mark one of your Singers Inactive, the text of the
    Singer’s Name will no longer be displayed in a different color. This was done because Hoster also displays green, yellow, and red icons in front of each name,
    based on the current status of that Singer.
  16. FIXED – Time Column in SND – The Singers Name Display had a problem where the Next Time to Sing would have
    an incorrect value if a Singer was listed with no Songs. This happens when you list the complete Rotation, and one of the next Singers has not turned in a request for a new Song.
  17. FIXED – Singer’s Songs Columns – These have been fixed to be wider & visible by default.
  18. FIXED – Show Display at Startup – Allowing the Show Display to be Fullscreen when Hoster launches can cause problems.
    To avoid this, Hoster will place the Show Display window at its last known location in non-Fullscreen mode.
  19. FIXED – Launch SongbookDB at Startup – Customers who selected “No, thanks” still saw this dialog
    at startup. This has been fixed.
  20. FIXED – Volume in InstaButtons – Some customers were getting very strange Volume values for their InstaButtons.
    The code has been fixed to limit the volume to be always between zero and 100.
  21. FIXED – Invalid Playlist – When customers open an invalid Playlist file, they are left not knowing what state Hoster is left in.
    Now, they will know that a “New” Playlist has been created for them.
  22. FIXED – Select Singer or Song – It was discovered that clicking a Singer in the Rotation would not select his or her first Song,
    or clicking a Song in the Playlist would not select the associated Singer. This has been resolved.Note: This is only applicable when the Show is not playing. While the Show is playing, selecting a Singer will not alter the selected Song.
  23. FIXED – Bug in Preview Window Size – We fixed some issues with the undocked Preview Window, when reopening Hoster
    and when double-clicking on the Preview Window to quickly enlarge it. You should see expected behavior from the Preview Window now.
  24. FIXED – Live Sync on Restart – Live Sync was always being reset to 0.00 when Restarting the same Song.
    In the case of a Restart, the Live Sync value should remain unchanged.
  25. FIXED – Removed Delays in Edit Singer Database – The window that opens when you click Singers
    in the main Hoster window allows you to make changes to your Singers Database. We found and removed some unnecesssary delays in this window, especially when you
    Add a Song to your Hoster Playlist.
  26. FIXED – Key Change Set Wrong on Next Song – At the start of a new Song, the Key Change would sometimes be set
    to the modified Key Change from the previous Song. This has been fixed.

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