MTU Programs crashing on Writing KMA, WMA or importing from CD – Windows 10 Anniversary Edition only

If you are having issues with Crashing with any of our Products, while using the latest version of Windows 10, this is the cause.

Microsoft has removed support for WMA in the way we were using it in our products in the latest version of Windows 10.  You can either Import as MP3, MP3+G or zip and no longer have any issues, or do the following.

  1.  Download this file Here
  2. Extract the files to EACH MTU program you have installed on your computer, such as for Video Hoster C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Hoster.  Put the 2 files in the above zip file in that folder.  Then it will work fine.

Microstudio –  C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Microstudio

Keyrite –  C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Keyrite

Karaoke Home Producer (KHPro) – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\KHPro

Vogone – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Vogone

Vogone Easy – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Vogone Easy

Songverter – C:\Program Files(x86)\Micro Technology Unlimited\Songverter

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