Lyrics Are Black Or Do Not Sweep – NVIDIA Only


Lyrics are Black or do not sweep – NVIDIA Only


You have a bad driver for your NVIDIA video card. Do the following.
1) Left Click on Start Menu\Control Panel
2) Left Click on System and Security
3) Left Click on System
4) On the Left hand side Click on Device Manager
5) Left click on Display Adapters
6) Double click on your NVIDIA Adapter Name that shows below Display Adapters now.
7) Left Click the Driver Tab.
8) Now click the button that states Roll Back Driver.
9) Follow any on-screen instructions that come up, to tell you to reboot or close out of all dialogs once this has finished.

This older NVIDIA driver will work, but the new cause’s this problem. Now try your software again, once you have Restarted your computer and it should now sweep the graphics correctly.

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