Preview Window Lyrics Are Garbled Or Not Readable


Preview window Lyrics are garbled or not readable


There are two ways to fix this:

1) Go to the Tools\Show Display. Click the Lyrics button. Check Hide beside the Marquee at the top. Also check Hide at the bottom next to Singers name display.

This will disable the Singers Name Display and Marquee only when the lyrics are playing. It will make the graphics readable as there is more room to display them in the small docked Window.

2) Go to Tools\Show display. Click on the Preview button, then check the box that states Undock and Resize Display. Once you do this, click Apply, shut Hoster down and then reopen it.

Now you will have 2 floating Windows. Resize the smaller one and make it larger. If you resize it large enough, you can get rid of the lyrics looking garbled. This is caused by the shrinking of the lyrics down to small size to fit in the fixed Window.

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