How Long Should It Take To Receive My Download Link?


How long should it take to receive my Download Link?


If you pay by credit card or Paypal, our store receives approval within seconds. Your order is then approved and your Registration Code, Registration Email and download link for each program you ordered is immediately available in your Account. An email with instructions how to go to your Account is also sent to you.If you pay by other than Credit Card, we will approve your order after we receive your payment. Then your product information is available in your Account, and the email is sent to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There may be 20 or more Internet Servers between our store and your computer. Each adds some delay. We have seen our store’s email recieved within seconds, and we have seen over 24 hour delays. If there is a virus running around the Internet, all Servers will be running slow. In this case, it may take several days to receive the email.

If you don’t receive your email notification within 24 hours, look for it in your “Junk”, “Spam” or even “Trash” email folders. AOL often rate our emails as “Spam” because we are a .com. If you still don’t find it, post in this CRITICAL Forum and we will make sure it was sent.

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