Karaoke Pirate Amnesty Program at Sound Choice Studios

In the Sunday, August 15, 2010 edition of The News & Observer Raleigh paper, I was given a copy of this article by Jen Aronoff of The Charlotte Observer.  It talks about how their company has suffered due to people using pirated copies of their discs and what they are doing in response.  They have started a sort of amnesty program for people using pirated copies to make themselves legal.  If you’re one of those using an illegal copy of their music, you can get 6000 of the companies most popular songs in MP3 format.

MTU has long stood behind the legal use of music and has never condoned the use of illegal discs.  It’s important that when you are buying your karaoke music, that you buy it from a reputable company and ensure it’s an original disc before you make your purchase.  As the old saying goes,  if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not legitimate.    I encourage all readers to operate honestly and with integrity.  That means making sure the tools you use for hosting your shows are legal copies.  This includes not just your music discs, but your software licenses as well.   It’s a lot cheaper to pay the price in the beginning than to take a chance of being taken to court and have the cost of legal representation and then end up paying a settlement as well.  As my mother always has said,  “Honesty is the best policy.”

Read the entire article at The News and Observer.