Pirate Websites Could Shut Down

The following article appeared on infopackets.com on September 21, 2010:

New Law Could Shut Down Pirate Websites For Good by Brandon Dimmel on 20100921 @ 10:15AM EST

For Hollywood and the music industry, there’s no greater foe than online pirate sites, places where users flock together to share copyrighted movies and songs. Now, a cadre of American senators are making an effort to essentially block these illicit websites by forcing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) into doing the work for them.

The proposed law is simple: if the United States Justice Department finds a domain to be engaged in the distribution of pirated intellectual property, it would file civil action against the site. The ISP of any offending domain found to be based in the U.S. would then receive an order to shut down access to the site.

Proposed Law to Protect Intellectual Property

“…. Earlier this summer Vice President Joe Biden received plenty of media coverage when he noted: “Piracy is theft, clean and simple. It’s smash and grab.” (Source: cnet.com)”

“For those in the movie and music industries, this was finally some commitment to the idea that owning, listening to, or watching an illegally downloaded digital file is the same as shoving a CD or Blu-ray inside one’s coat while walking through a brick and mortar retailer.”

Bill Extends to ISPs, Payment Processors, More

“The law doesn’t stop with U.S.-based sites, however.

Instead, the proposed bill would give the attorney general power “to serve the court order on other specified third parties, such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), payment processors, and online ad network providers.”

In essence, the government could prevent suspect sites from being accessed by American web visitors or getting paid through credit card transactions and marketing deals with U.S. web firms.”

So, one has to wonder,  just how will this be implemented?  I for one, trust that when I go out, if the KJ is in business, they have the legal right to play the music I am listening to.  What’s a person to do, go ask the KJ for proof they own the music they are playing? This I fear,  is opening Pandora’s box.

The government being able to limit suspected “sites from being accessed by American web visitors or getting paid through credit card transactions and marketing deals with U.S. web firms.” sounds like “big brother” is really wanting to crack down.

Having said all this, MTU has never condoned, nor will we, using pirated files.  This means…if you don’t own the CD, you don’t have the right to play it.  Period.

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