When I Open The Creative Programs My Audio Stops Playing


When I open the Creative Programs my Audio stops playing


NOTE: This comes directly from the Tech Support at Creative.
“If it is your intention to run any third party software through the EAX system, you must carry out the following procedure (for one time only).”

  1. Open the EAX panel
  2. Open the Speaker selection panel
  3. Select any preset environment
  4. Select your speaker set up i.e. 2/2.1 etc
  5. Open and run your third party software, and the EAX control will then mark this software as ‘Usable’ in it’s data list.
  6. Close the EAX panel and the speaker selection panel.
  7. Close the third party software

The EAX panel will now function in the background without loss of audio from your third party software.

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