Error: An Error Has Occurred While Running The Setup.


Error: An error has occurred while running the setup.


Error: “An error (-5004:OX80029c4a) has occurred while running the setup”.


Open My Computer or Windows Explorer. Left click Local Disk C:\, click the + beside Program Files, click the + beside Common Files, select the InstallShield folder and press theDelete key.

Once you have done this, then clear all the Temp Files.

  1. Go to the Start Menu, left click All Programs, left click Accessories, left click System Tools, click Disk Cleanup


  1. Select the C:\ Drive when it asks which one you wish to cleanup.


  1. It will now Scan your system for files, let this finish.


  1. Now a Dialog will pop up, make sure that all Check boxes are checked under Delete Files


  1. Now click the Ok button and then click Delete Files to start deleting all the Temp Files.


Once this is done Run the installation program again.


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